What happened to DIVERSE and MobleSRL? And what is OMP?

Let’s get straight to the points, shall we?

The big Q: What is going on with DIVERSE?

The answer to this one, is multi-stage, and significantly more complicated than the rest on this list.  The shortest version is that DIVERSE is technically a project by Helical Games and while I may post about things I work on for it here, it is not what I actually classify as a personal project oddly enough.  This may come as a rather bizarre distinction, given that many reading this who are closely familiar with me are probably now asking:

Wait, aren’t you the creator and lead of Helical Games, doesn’t that make you one and the same?

And yes, technically speaking every bit of that is true.  However I do not personally consider that to be the case, I have long pushed to create a studio to realize my dreams, but I’ve never wanted that to be my whole identity, even if said studio took off in some form of success.  Helical Games is still a great resource for me going forward, and once I can properly staff it and establish a dependable team, those larger projects will come to a fuller fruition.   DIVERSE will still happen, I’ll still work on it from time to time, and share the progress I make both here and through Helical Games and the applicable social medias, but I want my focus for now to be on smaller and more personable projects.

And speaking of “personal projects”:

Q: What became of MobileSRL?

Those that followed very closely earlier in the year, may recall I posted a few clips of a project I was working on; a racing game I planned (fittingly) for mobile devices, called MobileSRL.  The video clips I posted were essentially proofs of concept showing my progress on getting racing controls on a hoverbike-like vehicle such as the Sparrow’s in Destiny.  This was for a very specific reason, I was basing the game off of the multiplayer racing mode by the name of SRL (Sparrow Racing League) from said game.  I had intended for the release to be free as it was meant as a learning experience, I had never developed for mobile platforms before and being able to use an existing IP would progress things along nicely and much faster than if I had to create it all from scratch.  Obviously copyright was a hurdle here; though Bungie has historically been lax on the use of their IP by fans see Project Tiger (which garnered actual publicity from Bungie) I knew that this wouldn’t be a done deal.  I needed to get approval so I wouldn’t receive a Cease and Desist, or worse a lawsuit; so I did the most efficient thing I could think of, rather than spamming the Bungie site or emails and social media in a blind attempt to get someones attention, I let Reddit do it for me by posting in the games community subreddit and throwing around some (admittedly loose) interpretations of Bungies Terms of Use.  And it worked.

Community Manager for Bungie, Deej, himself reached out to me directly; and from there we exchanged a series of emails in which he informed me, as I suspected, that the wording of their ToU didn’t actually account for something like this.  He was however personally in support and agreed to pass it on to the legal team, expressing the thought that perhaps since I had no plans of monetizing and was even willing to pass on any analytics I gained to them that it could possibly garner approval.

Unfortunately, I never received an official answer either way from Bungie, and rather than continue to harass Deej and push for information, I decided it was better to let it lie.  As I suspected that at this stage, given I planned it out to be a full fledged game, I might run the chance of needed to agree to some sort of licensing contract (even if it was free to do so) and it might suck me into needing to meet development milestones I might have little control over.

The files still exist however, albeit unfinished…  If you’re a Destiny fan and this is what you’re here about, please don’t harass Deej or anyone else at Bungie for this not happening.  I chose not to push any further on the subject, so it’s cancellation is my doing and my doing alone.

And last but not least:

Q: What on earth is OMP?

OMP, tenatively titled One Man’s Poison, is a 2.5D PixelArt Horror/Suspense game I have recently begun development on.  It is now my new primary focus, a multi-platform release is currently the goal, targeting PC, Android, (Possibly iOS), and a UWP (Meaning Windows Store/Xbox One) as the primary platforms.  I’m currently in an early testing and planning phase, but with this project I intend that starting in the new year I will be releasing monthly development updates, both here and on my Patreon, with a 1 month exclusivity for Patreons for each post.  The design document, currently still a work-in-progress, will also be available to Patreon supporters at any tier, though only here on my blog due to the shear time it would take to update it across multiple locations.  The game will be purchasable via Steam and here on my own site, with more distributors to come, with Patreon contributors at the $15 and higher tiers receiving a free copy of the game on a supported platform of their choice so long as they are subscribed in the month the game is released, with all Patreon tiers being able to receive discounts across anything I release going forward.

This project’s title isn’t set in stone, it’s only a working title which I derived from the indie film of the same name that helped inspire some of its characters.  I helped work on the film, am close with the writer/director James Cotton, and will seek out his blessing when the time comes should I have failed to come up with a more appropriate title.  The film was not a horror film, and the story has little to do with this new one, so I’m not sure it will be as good of a fit when it has all come together.


So these are my plans going into the new year, I hope to gain serious ground on this project, and hopefully have some sort of playable state by the coming summer.  We’ll let the cards land where they may however…

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