Pseudo Localization

Basically I’ve been working on a future-proofed system for getting rough localization into DIVERSE. It’s by no means very accurate, but it’s a good placeholder and it’s automatic more or less.

It’s a series of charts that basically work in one of several possible ways:

Auto Translate Translates the text you enter under main language to multiple languages. I treat these as pseudo translations only, as google translation barely takes context and grammar into consideration. Using these translations directly in game have a high chance of being frowned upon. Single word entries translate more reliably compared to larger text.
Reverse Auto Translate A side-kick sheet for shits and giggles that translates the pseudo translations from ‘Auto Translate’ sheet back to the main language. Only useful for verifying translations.
Manual Translate A completely manual formula-free sheet, which I use as the main language sheet for the game. Initially this sheet is filled from the Auto Translate sheet. An identical copy is used to fill in ‘real’ translations from native speakers/translation vendors. Towards completion, every Pseudo Translation in this sheet will be replaced by Real Translations.
Code Helper Converts the translations from ‘Manual Translate’ to code friendly variables


It basically picks the Internal Name from ‘Manual Translate’ sheet and assigns the language string to it.




menu\_label\_settings = “Settings” for EN, menu_label_settings = “설정” for KO etc.

It’s fairly easy to change the format to any common implementation of multiple languages.

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