I was on a Podcast

So I bribed my way onto a podcast so I could run my mouth for a bit…

After supporting their Annual Gala, the Guardians of the Geekery had me on to chat and even promote a bit of my work.

I joined Candice Carpenter from We Geek Girls and the rest of the podcast crew, and even surprised them with pizza.

Candice Carpenter (CC) is a proud product of what she considers to be a very cool decade (the 80’s). She credits her two brothers for helping to make her the well-rounded geek girl she is. Her geekdom took a huge leap when she began to read more. Enter Tolkien, Lewis, King, Lackey, Wies/Hickman, and the list goes on. She is the co-contributor of We Geek Girls, a site dedicated to all things geeky. Movies, TV shows, Cosplay, and more. To check out their site, visit CC at www.wegeekgirls.com.

Maybe they’ll want me back?

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 27

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