I was on a Podcast (Again)

As part of their 100th Episode celebration, I along with 27 others from the roster of previous guests, joined the Guardians of the Geekery podcasters at a local bar for a bit of merriment.

In This Segment:

  • Podcast Intro with guest announcer Chris Jones
  • Monologue with Jim Ryan
  • Reading by Misty Massey
  • Reading by John Hartness
  • Song by Gamebreax with Omega Sparks and SWATS
  • Podcaster Roast with Jim Ryan, John Hartness, Darryl Mansell, Jake Feurbach and Chuck Carte
  • Diss Jockey game with Danny Seavers, Candice Carpenter, Ian Kiser, Kim Wunderlich-Cady, Patrick Barnhardt, Ryan Graham, and Wanda Harward
  • Time Warp Closer with Randall and Judy Chou

Originally recorded 08/20/2016
Guardians of the Geekery Episode 100 – Part 1

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 100 – Part 2

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