[WIP] Mobile SRL - Design Documentation


Revision: 0.1.0
Designed by: Patrick Barnhardt
Email: [email protected]

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Statement of Purpose

In 2015 Bungie introduced their Destiny Community to a new gamemode, SRL. This Sparrow Racing League, was a welcome refresher from the game's’ main “shoot n’ loot” mechanics, pitting players against each other in 6 player free-for-all death races through the enemy territories. This gamemode was a short-lived event however, and didn’t return until the holidays of 2016, despite being overall well received by fans. “Mobile SRL” will bring this single game type into focus, and expand upon it while remaining faithful to its official version.

  • Addition of a Single-Player “Career Mode”, similar to that found in Forza or the Gran Turismo franchises.
  • Arcade-style “Free Play” races, a quick-race mode against AI opponents.
  • Unlockable skins/race suits, and sparrows for further customization.
  • Possible Online Multiplayer. Definite Online Leaderboards.

Declaration of Caution

While there is little to no “financial” risk to this project, and while based on the wording in the official Bungie Terms Of Service regarding use of Destiny content this project should be acceptable, Bungie still reserves the right to kill this project at any point, even if it is complete.

The largest risk to this project could likely be filesize. Mobile platforms are very limiting in size, and compression may be a limiting factor here.
Explicitness of Scope
It should be understood that this document is meant to contain the complete and entire scope for version 1.0 of the game.

Throughout this design there will be many places where features or hooks of a forward-looking nature, for features that are not present, may be added. However, such features will not be pursued until version 1.0 is complete.


Theme / Setting / Genre
  • Destiny Universe / Racing
Core Gameplay Mechanics Brief
  • The Sparrow Racing League will welcome competitors to participate in a six-player free-for-all death race through enemy territory.
  • Race to the finish against 5 other (either AI or human) racers on your advanced Sparrows.
  • Earn driver experience/glimmer/and driver reputation in Career Mode and impress sponsors to gain access to new gear.
  • Improve your Driver Level/Sparrow Class to race in higher level tournaments for bigger prizes.
  • Beat the worldwide Top Track Times by racing against the Online Leaderboard.
Targeted platforms
  • Android
  • iOS app registration is $100 per year, this may prevent an iOS release
  • Windows Phone possibly
  • Windows UWP possibly
  • Steam up to Bungie
  • DRM-free PC
Project Scope
  • Team Size: (1)
    -- Development
    Patrick Barnhardt
  • Project Lead/Programming/Art Design

  • Licenses / Hardware / Other Costs

Unreal Engine 4 - $0
“Pipeline Tools” - All already Owned Music Licenses - Varying (Some licenses already owned)

  • Total Costs with breakdown 0$ - Currently
Influences (Brief)
  • Destiny “SRL”
    • Videogame
  • SRL is a gamemode from the Destiny videogame, this mobile game will extract that mode and focus in on it. SRL (Sparrow Racing League), is a fast-paced, speed/style oriented racing game mode which is contrary to the core game’s main shooter/RPG game modes.
The Elevator Pitch

Mobile SRL will bring the fast-paced racing action of the Sparrow Racing League to mobile devices, with the ability to unlock additional gear through gameplay. Motocross meets Forza meets Sci-Fi.

Project Description:

Mobile SRL will bring the fast-paced racing action of the Sparrow Racing League to mobile devices. A Career-mode will provide a series of events (some time-based), where the player game earn in-game currency, experience to their driver level, and driver reputation with various sponsor factions. Increasing Sponsor levels will open access to new racer gear and sparrows for purchase (in-game currency). Sponsor-endorsed Sparrows and Gear can earn players more experience and currency when races are won while worn. A Free-play mode will allow a “quick-play” against AI racers. And lastly, a Crucible-mode will allow world-wide competition via Online Leaderboards.

Story and Gameplay

Story (Brief)

Career mode sees players competing as a privateer, recruited by Amanda Holliday, earning "Reputation" points in various events to gain the interest of sponsors; these provide the player with access to new Sparrows and Racing Gear, and in turn open up new tournaments.

Story (Detailed)

A Guardian new to the Sparrow Racing League, Amanda Holliday recruits you onto her race team. After racing and placing in several “heats” the player will receive their C-Class License which will let them into the C-Series of races.

Amanda Holliday will provide information on tracks and tips on how to impress certain sponsors, which the player will need increase reputation with in order to access new gear and sparrows. After completing the C-Series, the player will be able to increase their license to B-Class and enter the B-Series. This same process will be repeated again through classes A and S.

If the player ranks Gold in enough events in a series, they will be eligible for that Class’s Elimination Trial. Elimination Trials are used to access unique Osiris-themed racing gear. And completing all Elimination Trials will open access to the final Elite-Series.

Gameplay (Brief)

The Summary version of below

Gameplay (Detailed)

Combine this with the game mechanics and mode sections below

Core Game Modes (Detailed)
  • Career Mode

    • Details

      • How it works
  • Free Play

    • Details

      • How it works
  • Crucible *possibly

    • Details

      • How it works
Core Gameplay Mechanics (Detailed)
  • Basic Sparrow Controls

    • How it works - Use the “simulated” left and right analogs to control the Sparrow. The left analogue controls the Sparrow in the foreground, the right analogue controls where the Sparrow goes.
  • Sparrow Tricks

    • Details

    • How it works

  • Sparrow Boost

    • Details - Some Sparrows have a temporary speed boost that can be periodically engaged, but needs to be recharged. Extended use will overheat the engines and can lead to explosion.
    • How it works - A “Boost” button will appear when the ridden Sparrow is capable. The button will also double as the energy meter for the boost. An alarm sound and flashing lights will indicate overheating. Tap once to engage, tap again to disengage.
  • Sparrow Strafe
    • How it works - L and R buttons along the upper portion of the controls (just above the respective analogs) can be tapped to boost sideways in a strafe of the corresponding direction. A meter will indicate available energy. These strafes can be used to dodge, for sharper turns, or for course correction.

Assets Needed

  • 2D
    • Textures
      • Environment Textures
    • Heightmap data (If applicable)
    • Etc.
  • 3D
    • Characters List
      • Titan Racer (M/F)
      • Warlock Racer (M/F)
      • Hunter Racer (M/F)
      • Amanda Holliday
      • Frame *possibly
    • Enemy NPC Lists
      • Fallen
      • Vex
      • Cabal
      • Hive
    • Sparrow List
      • Arecibo Answer
      • Days of Wind
      • E-47 Prismatica
      • Eternally Assured Destruction
      • EV-34 Vector Infinite
      • EV-35 Arcrunner
      • EV-36 Solscout
      • EV-37 Voidstreak
      • EV-38 Laurelbearer
      • EV-39 Lumos
      • EV-40 Snowscream
      • EV-42 Nightsteed
      • EV-43 Lightrunner
      • EV-44 Firefly
      • EV-45 Bitfire
      • EV-46 Bitstorm
      • EV-48 King's Touch
      • EV-49 Phantasm
      • EV-50 Mirage
      • EV-51 Sunstroke
      • EV-52 Lavabird
      • EV-53 Glimmergold
      • Flamecourser
      • Gjallarwing
      • S-13 "Graverobber"
      • S-34 Ravensteel
      • S-35 Aeon Glow
      • S-38 Regal Bearing
      • S-39 Autumn Glow
      • S-39 Lightrider
      • S-40 Iron Revelry
      • S-41 Poison Apple
      • SR-0 Swiftriver
      • Velumbra
      • XV0 "Timebreaker"
      • S-30C Phoenix
      • S-31C Phoenix
      • S-32C Phoenix
      • Sparrow S-30V
      • Sparrow S-31V
      • Sparrow S-32V
      • S-20 Cavalier
      • S-20 Nomad
      • S-20 Seeker
      • S-21 Cavalier
      • S-21 Nomad
      • S-21 Seeker
      • S-22 Cavalier
      • S-22 Nomad
      • S-22 Seeker
      • Sparrow S-10
    • Environmental Art Lists
      • Hakkon Precipice - Earth
        • Forklift
      • Shining Sands - Mercury
      • Campus Martius - Mars
        • Giant Fans
      • Infinite Descent - Venus
        • Fallen Skiff
      • Hakkon Precipice (Thawed) - Earth
      • Breeding Grounds - Moon
        • Hive Chains
        • Hive Lanterns
      • Lacus Somniorum - Moon
      • 52 Europa - The Reef
        • Awoken Ships
  • Sound
    • Sound List (Ambient)

      • Outside
        • Level 1
        • Level 2
        • Level 3
        • etc.
      • Inside
        • Level 1
        • Level 2
        • Level 3
        • etc.
    • Sound List (Player)

      • Character Movement Sound List
        • Example 1
        • Example 2
      • Character Hit / Collision Sound list
        • Example 1
        • Example 2
      • Character on Injured / Death sound list
        • Example 1
        • Example 2
  • Code
    • Character Scripts (Player Pawn/Player Controller)
      • Example
    • Ambient Scripts (Runs in the background)
      • Example
    • NPC Scripts
      • Example
  • Animation
    • Environment Animations
      • Example
      • etc.
    • Character Animations
      • Player
        • Example
        • etc.
      • NPC
        • Example
        • etc.