[WIP] Mobile SRL - A Sparrow Racing Game - An Introduction

First things first, in reference to the usage of Bungie's Destiny and SRL IP:


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There's more to it than that, but the long run is, while I should still contact them for approval before release, this project should be legally sound based on their own policy.

So before I get into what this project will be about, I'd like to explain why I am choosing to work with this existing IP, and specifically on what is basically a "Fan-project" considering, my previous article on such things...

Well firstly, it's important to not a major difference from the cases we discussed back then, and that is that per their own ToS (excerpt posted above), Bungie permits fan-projects/art and while they reserve the right to revoke that permission at any point, my project does currently fall under their wording in the ToS. Now it is still important that before I release this project, despite it being free and having no revenue source, that I seek them out for direct approval. Just to avoid a potential issue. Especially since as it's a mobile title, it will have to clear the various App Stores to be available to the public.

Now, why not use an original IP, even with these mechanics? Well the main reason, is that this is not a "Helical Games" project, this is a personal project I am doing strictly as a portfolio piece, and as such if I can save resources by not having to develop and entire IP in order to get the product out, then it's my best option.

As to what SRL is, in the game Destiny, SRL is the Sparrow Racing League and it is a fast-paced "hoverbike" race, across the various worlds in the game. Performing tricks, and dodging enemies roaming the track are staples of the game mode.

This mobile game will take that mode and expand it, into a portable experience, featuring staples from the original, such as the current maps, sparrows, and racing gear, but will also include new and custom made versions of all of the above.

My next post, hopefully within the next day or so, will contain an actual design document/outline, and you can expect to check back here for fairly regular updates. I'll also be sharing to Reddit.

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